Greg has appeared on the tv show “Justified” as Nick Mooney.  According the IMDB, his first episode aired on March 30th.  His next episode airs this week on April 20th.  Check your local listings.

The “credits” page is up here at WGL Online.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Justified

  1. Janine-lee

    Wish there were more shows and movies starring William coming up. I live in South Africa. Wolves of wall street never reaced our stores. I’ve been waiting bout 8 years now to have a chance to see this movie and till today still no luck 🙁 Not even via torrents can I find this movie. According to the clips I’ve seen on you tube,etc. it looks like a great movie. One of my biggest wishes is to finally have a chance to get to watch it. Loved Zack in dark angel…according to me he totally made the show. Thats why season 1 was a huge success. After Season 2 the show died out coz they took Zack out the show. Zack rocked. I’ve seen clips of dante’s cove. looks like a gr8 show although im not into the nude show thingy…but would’ve watched it just to see William…unfortunately Dante’s Cove is not available in south africa either.

    William you rock. You are a gr8 actor and deserves to be a major movie star. May you be blessed with more rolles and movies in the future that actually reach south african screens and stores aswell. That will make me a very happy…(I don’t wanna say fan coz fan sound so scary lol)…It will make me very happy 🙂 Keep up the good work.

    Miss seeing William Gregory Lee on our screens 🙁


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