alas, it’s time to rebuild…

My previous webhost ( seems to have disappeared from the face of the internet, taking chunks of my site with it.  Unfortunately, I did not back up a lot of WGL Online and will have to rebuild the site.  A lesson learned, I suppose.

5 thoughts on “alas, it’s time to rebuild…

  1. Ray

    Hey there – just checking back to see one of Dante’s Cove’s sexiest Warlocks…..when you getting this site going bud????

  2. ron sandler

    i hope u are in another movie soon
    loved u in dante cove u are one great actor
    s true you and jon fleming are partners
    ron sandler

  3. Tom

    Hi William,

    I’m a web designer who is often tasked with trying to get back people’s websites which have been lost. (This isn’t a sales pitch, LOL). The tool I use the most often to do so is called “The Way Back Macine”. It’s a free online db that regularly go’s out and backs up all the websites it can find. I found entries for your site here:*/
    You can also just do a google search for “The Way Back Machine” and type in your websites address. Good luck bud, I hope you get your site back.


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